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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Beauty queen on her 36th year on earth
Has tasted forbidden fruit too many times
Lost count of what 100% reality feels like
God save the queen
She’s the one with the broken smile
Tilted sideways
Carries her heart on canvas
Protects this organ with colors and journals
Knock on her door
See if she’ll open and greet you with a smile
She ignores the doorbell
You didn’t call
You’re not invited in
I don’t see your name on the list
She writes them alphabetically
From C’s to V
The list is reserved for men who fingers promises of
They yawn their way through her dreams
She holds tight to the wrong path
This path of longing with brief laughter’s
Impressive conversations lead to stretch of limbs
A born again Virgin
She has them singing how tight she is
You’re a true gem
But why don’t they stay?
Why don’t they leave their affection on her pillows?
She’ll sleep better at night only if they sympathize
Their devices leave her too weak to weep
Too weak to whisper to herself that she’s a beautiful black woman
There are no Emergency Instructions for heartache
After the heart is fondled
She hides her flesh under soiled covered semen
It’s called heartache for a reason
It’s called rain for a reason
It’s called anger for a season
It’s called rage after the treason
And for this reason
the alarm will sound
if you pull her down
to your false sermon of love
©2007 by C. Delaleu
artwork "Emotive Rain" by C. Delaleu


writerwoman said...

Loved the ending of this. The last six lines or so are amazing.

Lyrically speaking said...

Writerwoman: Thank you, wrote this piece on my way to work this morning, had a lot on my mind

get zapped said...

A heavy flow of words and emotions. Passion explored and left to rot, - the heart does heal with the help of rain....

Love the painting, too.


Kai C. said...


Rauf said...

very passionate, like a torrent.
free flowing. Beautifully expressed LS

Ty said...

Very nice. I love my Friday poetic break reading your blog. lol

Lyrically speaking said...

Get Zapped: Thank you so much, healing is always a process which takes time

Kai: How are you? thank you for stopping by

Rauf: Thank you

Ty: Hi Ty Ty, miss you much, when are you going to post something new, huh?

Rethabile said...

This poem speaks, and says "She’s the one with the broken smile." That's what I call poetry.

Jose said...

:: snaps snaps::

Lyrically speaking said...

Rethabile: Merci beaucoup

I Am... said...

A long overdue "Hello Miss Dela!" from Libra Moon...

I am checking in to your world to see "wazzup."

When I read your blog from Sunday, September 16, 2007, I kicked myself in the arse!!!! You were like right across the river from me old home!!!!!!!! I was born and (mostly) grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada... the land you viewed from across the river! Damn girl... if I had checked in to your blog months ago, I would have made arrangements to travel and say "Hi!" in person! So sorry now that I missed this opportunity. I spent most of my free time in Hart Plaza, Detroit enjoying MANY free festivities over the course of my years there. I now live about 3 hours north of Windsor.

I have not accessed my Libra Moon Goddess Blog in many months, but you can find some of my creative imagery at...

Not much personal gets posted here except photos. Stop by when you can to say "Hi!"

I have been enjoying a busy busy busy summer with my business and tourists and my daughter. I get creative with a few photos but not much in the writing field. Your poetry book adorns on my coffee table where I randomly read a story here and there. I have had no time to sit and even catch a good flick on DVD. Not complaining mind you... I work a lot in my store (Lovin it!!!) and catch a few rays in the evening light while sipping wine at one of the many outdoor patios our beautiful town offers. This is changing quickly though as I just stoked my fires to ready for the winter chills which seem to be rapidly approaching. With winter comes more time to sit and reflect upon my friend's journeys in Blogland.

Manifesting that all is Happy and Healthy in your world.

I am glad to have caught up with you Miss Dela...

In Peace and Love...
Libra Moon

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Lovely work of verse, chk me out sometimes if u can

Ananda said...

cathy, simply brilliant. the poem and artwork speak to the depths of my soul. brava... peace and love. ananda

ps: my soul is always fed when it visits your page.

Kai C. said...

i'm fine. u?


Loving the words..... POWERFUL. You go girl!

Lyrically speaking said...

Libra Moon: What a lovely surprise to find you here...I am so glad to know you're doing ok. I visited your blog, it was a pleasure

Torrance: Thank you for the visit, I will check you out

Ananda: I enjoyed reading your book tour, great pics on your blog

Kai: I'm ok, busy as always

Aminah: Thank you girl :)

paris parfait said...

So much emotion in your poem; well done, you!

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Parfait: Merci, this here pulls at the heartstrings...each and everytime I read it

writerwoman said...

I've come back to read this again and today this part really speaks to me:

God save the queen
She’s the one with the broken smile
Tilted sideways
Carries her heart on canvas

I think I will mention this poem at Poets Who Blog.