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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

For the women in Blog world who lack appreciation from their men, i'm sure you'll relate to these two poems below. Have you ever felt that all he does is throw you crumbs here and there and you're left hungry for more of his attention?

Many swallow whatever crumb is thrown their way out of desperation, not realizing their self-worth. In society we put up with a lot of crumbs so why should we settle with excuses and drama at home?

Aminah Love and I came up with the idea of writing a poem on the topic of "Crumbs". If you'd like to write your own piece and share with us, feel free to do so.


He calls
I jump
Let’s meet
It’s been a minute
I hurry
Get dressed
He's waiting
We see
We kiss
Have dinner
Make love
A moment is shared
Always busy
Never has time
Throws me a crumb
Dares to say he's mine.

To be used
When he’s horny
Is this fulfilling
The crumbs that are thrown
Is not what I want
I am but one
Of those
That he uses
When he's on the spot

Do I accept his offer
When it's thrown
Or do I walk away
And leave him the
Hell alone?

Crumbs are for those
You have no emotion for
or are not attached,
I am much more than that.

A full meal is what I crave
Not starvation that fills me
With loathe & decay
Of an individual that cannot
Fulfill my needs
For he has only crumbs
To feed.

Aminah Love
© 2007 Sonia Roman


Drip are his excuses
Short notice on cell phone
With a red tag for disaster
His lust makes you his Tylenol PM alleviates achy joints
Crosses toes
Firm up muscles
You even suck your thumb after the explicit melt-down
With ice between the legs
There is only one in your universe
He accentuates your sweet tooth
Penetrates your ocean like a whale in search of his chicken of the sea
Hold up
There is silence again
Day 3
No phone call
Emails are scarce
Your stomach growls
Day 5
You’re hungry
He throws you a text message
I think I’m in love
You laugh at the gesture
It’s a joke how he does it flawlessly
An amateur
Your piece of ass who swears he wants to be your one and only
He’ll rock your world when his midnight shift ends
First he needs a shave
A shower
Needs to call his mama
Pay the bills
Nothing is guaranteed without another kiss
Without another Red Bull grind
Without elevation
Your recreation
Day 8
Your battery is low
He hasn’t scored since the last date
What’s up boo?
Phone sex not an ultimatum
Give me a better story
Tell me your dog ate my number
Or you were running late for work
Better yet you couldn’t Tivo our last madness in the car seat
Tick is the unseen clock
Imagine your cock as the main entrance to my twin towers
How quickly it crumbles
And waiting
for you
© 2007 by Cathy Delaleu
Painting "Season of Wet Dreams" by C. Delaleu


Chameleon said...

Cathy...Amazing. I was directed to visit your blog by a couple people, Ty and Fuzzy namely, and I'm certainly glad I did. I love your pieces, this one especially. I think we've all been fed crumbs throughout our journey to find love, male and female alike. Call us Hansel and Gretel, but I finally got a dustbuster and now I'm only having full course meals. There's nothing like being full.

david santos said...


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Girl we rocked those words!!! I know that many ladies feel this way. I can also say that you have your share of brothas who are thrown crumbs.

It is our responsibility to ourselves to only accept a full course meal. Not settle for the crumbs that are left behind for us to pick up. As I said in my poem, we are worth more than that.

Let the crumbs be picked up by the birds, and any other creature. BUT NOT FROM US!

Ugo Daniels said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ugo Daniels said...

sorry, first post was wrong, got confused with another blog gals shuld take it easy on bashing them brodas, eh!

Lyrically speaking said...

Chameleon: Thanks for visiting my world, yours is as beautiful, and your comment was informative

David: Thanks, I'll have to check your blog to read more about this

Aminah: Now you know, lol, no settling allowed :)

Ugo: Bashing? Naw, we're not bashing, we're just expressing ourselves. That's what poetry is all about, self-expression of the mind. Also, we're letting women out there know it's ok not to settle for need to put up and it's not just for the ladies, I believe it's vice versa. Aminah and I are just speaking from our own point of view

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

LS, been a minute , I miss your paintings and your words...I've only had one guy make me feel this way and I still go after his crumbs...why?? oh why?? what gets me is that when you stop..and you start to fill yourself up on something else you get.."whats wrong?? " then they want to do right..but why not just do right in the first place??? as a matter of fact I'm on a liquid diet now...

Kai C. said...

you're awesome, cathy

Soldier said...

"Penetrates your ocean like a whale in search of his chicken of the sea"... that one cracked me up cause i actually imagined the scene in my head, only problem is that the whale i thought about was the one in SpongeBob SquarePants LOL

GOD ! i need a nap

P.s : once again, Cathy you rock !

Rethabile said...

There are guys who do dat? Very nice, ladies...

Ty said...

Very nice. I love the collab.

fallen angel said...

"...Imagine your cock as the main entrance to my twin towers
How quickly it crumbles
And waiting
for you




i think that i just wet my a good way!!! ;-)

mermaid said...

Which is why women need to know they are goddesses! Thank you, Cathy for emphasizing this. It's not about being stiff or prissy or spoiled, it's about honor. And it goes both ways.

Shai said...

Awesome. In my Essence debut poem, I wrote about crumbs. I am SO feeling these poems.