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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The beginning is sweet
Like the first taste of strawberry sherbet
On a hot summer day
You can’t get enough
You want more to savor the palate

The beginning is a battlefield of rain and sun
He turns it into a merry-go-round with his tongue
You contemplate the possibility
Of opening your heart without bleeding
Wondering if he will be the first Knight
To rescue you out of Brooklyn with his
Mighty sword
©2007 by Cathy Delaleu


Deb said...

this is such a nice piece of work... i admit i am partial to shorter poem - attention span issue. ;) love the "turns it into a merry-go-round with his tongue".

Ailed LittleKnight said...

That Merry-go-round got me going too! The first piece is nice. I read them together as one and then went back and separated them. Nice either way! Very Lyrical you are Miss Thang!


Where in the Hell did you come up with this line? "He turns it into a merry-go-round with his tongue," can I put it on a t-shirt!

fallen angel said...

"...He turns it into a merry-go-round with his tongue..."

mmmmmmmm...does this merry go round go up and down or just round and round...? ;-O

fuzzy said...

Hmmm The mighty sword! Is it long? but its mighty so it doesn't matter!

Writer on Board said...

The videos on this blog are playing havoc with my broadband. Don't know why. It was crazy trying to post a comment. Kept jumping around. Maybe I'm not the only one. Maybe it's my computer. Not sure. Anyway. Thank you Cathy. "Opening your heart without bleeding." Yes. Nice.

get zapped said...

This is the third blog I've visited today and all have been tinged with the sensual, is this a message? I love your poem, the sword made me chuckle and yearn...

paris parfait said...

Oh, Cathy this is fabulous! I have missed visiting your blog - August and Sept. were pretty much lost months for me, due to travel, my daughter's visit and a seemingly endless round of guests. But I'll be back more frequently from now on.


Wow, awesome work. Your words flow.

Rethabile said...

Get Zapped put me on to the sword. Naïve me. I like the tone of the poem, the mood. Very something-I-can't-place-my-finger-on. Very... Cathy?

Ugo Daniels said...

the first kiss
first touch..whispers
and others

Kai C. said...


Lyrically speaking said...

Deb: thank you, I'm trying to keep my poems short and sweet, so this is an attempt

Ailed Littleknight: thank you for stopping by, i'm glad you enjoyed

Slump Facade: Yes, feel free to put it into a t-shirt, no problem :)my imagination runs wild

Fallen Angel:merry-go-round goes up, down and round and round, lol

Fuzzy: Hmmmmmm, I would say the sword is mighty long and strong :) hehehehehe

Writeronboard: I changed the video, hope you are able to enjoy my space without any issues

GetZapped: Thank you

Aminah Love: Thanks, you know how I feel about yours

Rethabile: I like that, "very Cathy" :)

Ugo Daniels: there's nothing like it on earth

Miss Kai: Thank you, come again

Clare said...

Hi Lyrically Yours! Really cool poem -- I love the images and feeling in this. Strawberry sherbet and "a battlefield of rain and sun" and "merry-go-round with his tongue" were so vivid and juicy. And the line "of opening your heart without bleeding" is really beautiful. I'll definitely be back here! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your really nice comments!

iamnasra said...

alarming ...Im having interview on poet ...hope you can visit

Lyrically speaking said...

Clare: It was a pleasure stopping by your world, thanks for coming into mine

Iamnasra: thank you and I did read the interview, very nice and your poems are beautiful always

Soldier said...

The beginning is sweet
Like the first taste of strawberry sherbet

It sure is...

" To rescue you out of Brooklyn " ?? omg u givin our hood a bad rep !! shame on u, lmao

Soldier said...

and btw, this picture is the shiznit, i need to be stealing it !

Lyrically speaking said...

Soldier: You know I have nothing but love for Brooklyn :), well a love and hate kind of relationship, feel free to use the pic, make sure you use it well ;)

MysTery said...


Lyrically speaking said...

Mystery: Thank you for the visit, I enjoyed visiting your blog today

writerwoman said...

Love the picture! The last lines of this poem are my favorite- they are both modern and classical at the same time.