Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

She’s dancing naked with wolves
Dancing back and forth
Side to side
Arms flailing
It’s hilarious
She is followed like an event calendar
Like a weekly newsletter
A black memoir
The New Yorker with the sexy accent
They brag she got soul
A genius with too many ideas
Has no time to write girly longings on paper
She’s a chick lit with no drama
Almost 40 years old with 50,000 words stored in her blog
Programmed to edit secrets discreetly
A good girl with a freaky side
She’s hurricane
Tequila in your sunrise
Chile in your tamale
Garlic in your chicken
Hot pepper in your lambi (conch)
Pimento in your rice and beans
Cream of your coconut
She’ll ride your lonnnnnng ranger like an energizer bunny
Her movie idea has no screen name
Sees herself as the million-dollar baby without cash
A broke ass writer rich in grammar
Ashanti conquering side streets of Brooklyn with notepad and markers
Nefertiti dancing naked with wolves
Dancing with words
Dances with burning toes and fingers
Swings hips without a routine
No one sees her sweat
No one has time to admire her features
The painted toes
Caramel sweet skin glistens
Her Harlem shake glides, pops, jerks its way to your loins
Then you see her
You inhale her
Catch her locks with your eyes
With your breath
Believe she’s your thigh master
Will deliver you from this dull life you call confrontational
She makes it painless
Sends your body to earth and air
You swim religion and lust with your feet
Parts of your body feel her matrix
She is what you need
Your cliterature
Your hot bath
Your hot book
Your hot sex
Your hormonal support
Your self-cultivation
Your self-indulgence
Your self-contradiction
Your struggle
What feels good after you shower
Steams your spirit in cold winters
Responds to your kind words
Lights you up
Knocks you down
Link between the gin to your juice
Your displaced eruption
Your undersea explosion
Your impulsive force of nature
Force of gravity
Your other half
Your better half
Your tender soul
She is Venus
She is woman
©2007 by Cathy Delaleu
pic by Hertiages Art


Harlem Purl said...

I see you changed your blog up alittle...I like it.

kewl poem.

Michelle said...

very unique!


I LOVE THIS PIECE! Thank you for letting me read it right off the press. ;0)

get zapped said...

Sensuous splendor! I need to take a cold bath ;]

Deb said...

you left a post on my blog re my poems... i have three blogs... the one with the poems is - somehow you went to another one of mine... hope to see you visit soon!

Copasetic Soul said...

nice write....

Jaycee said...

hmmm...passionate poem!

Writer on Board said...

No one has time to admire her features. (I don't think so.)

Pimento in my rice and beans? (I'll take two. To go.)

Thank you, Miss Cathy. That was good for me. As usual. If I smoked, I'd be lighting one right now.

Neers said...

whoa! too cool!

Blu Jewel said...

i so love this. you've captured yourself and a few of us with vivid splendor. I'm back to blogging now.

also, need to bend your me please!

Dance_Soul said...

How are you sis? Hope all is well.

paris parfait said...

Wow, what a powerful statement of identity and strength! Your blog is looking good.

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Harlem Purl: thank you, needed to do some fall cleaning :)

Michelle: thanks for the visit

Aminah: You are welcomed, it's great to inspire each other

Get Zapped: Cold bath won't be enough, lol

Deb:Had no idea you have 3 blogs, i'll check them out, thanks

Copasetic Soul: Always good to see you here reading my work

Jaycee: thank you

Writer on board: You had me cracking up, lol with your comment

Neers: thank you

Blu Jewel: Welcome back!! I'm excited you've returned to blog world, can't wait to read your posts

Madame Parfait: Merci, i'm trying...I feel it needs more work

Lyrically speaking said...

Dance Soul: Sorry I missed you on the list, thanks, i'm doing ok. Finding time to write and meditate

fallen angel said...


in what book store is this a section because i need to go there TODAY!!!!

Lyrically speaking said...

Fallen Angel, you're too much, actually "cliterature" is a word that was mentioned in last weeks' Oprah show and I wrote it down...couldn't get the word out of my head, lol, had to use it in a poem

writerwoman said...

This one is a tour de force. An urban woman's manifesto- love it.

Lyrically speaking said...

WriterOnBoard: Thank you for your appreciation

singleton said...

You rock, girl!