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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Sister Love you know who I am
Where I’ve been
Where I’m going
You know why I warm up my insides
With this quilted heart
Why heartache is a heeled boot
Worn as a side zipper for easy entry
Shaped like rubber
Tapered with feelings
I’ve written to you before
I don’t believe in Hell
For once love was fundamental
The notion of Heaven on earth
Without the need of slip-ons or double-wrapped belt
Reborn over with this gift from God
I was allowed to sleep forever
A purpose to daydream with eyes closed

Sister Love I haven’t been myself
Giving this body freely to the male ego
My spirit ruptured repeatedly
I have not been saluted as his queen
My soul is a gift
You told me I was conceived twice without stipulation
God wanted to make sure his feminine art was opened
to endless possibilities
instead his poetry collection is found nestled
in a man’s sack
nipped and tucked

Sister Love only you can understand this strange convulsion
This anxiety that causes me to die repeatedly when legs are spread open to him
I am never too hungry
Yet he is the addiction at my corner store
I don’t need him to make me complete
I look in vain for his approval
For his body is a temporary cubicle
Simply liberating
Does it make sense to you?

You have been my mentor
And I have disappointed you
Disappointed myself
I feel lost
And again
I am never too hungry
A full plate is meaningless when all I use is a saucer
I feed him without intellectual flirtation
more than he gives of himself

I’ve written to you before
Avoiding the harsh truth
That he is not the one for me

This non-nurturing comfort is meaningless
I am losing my sense of well-being, my balance
I seek some part of myself
My identity in him
While we dance this one mile song
I have flown with calloused feet
Sinking deep into his dark mud
The best moments are when I’m alone
A woman I am again
Persistent to find this love
No matter how many times I fall face forward on concrete...
I scramble quickly to my feet
To emphasize
That he is not the one for me

You’ve said it before
The best is saved for last

The night is still young

© 2007 by Cathy Delaleu
Painting by Mystikalart


Harlem Purl said...

Very touching.

Blu Jewel said...

feeling this and completely love the accompanying artwork.


Wow sis!!!

I feel this piece to the core of my soul. I understand. Truly touched me.

get zapped said...

Sister love does know, even when we can't hear her. This resonates so well with me, I want to give just to give, out of guilt or fear of letting something really good pass me by, yet, wouldn't we really know when it feels right, like when we put on those comfy jeans and they fit like and old friend or when we walk in the park and the light, wind and scents all come together, and we sigh a gentle "yes" to ourselves and we wish the moment would never end. Shouldn't that be what we say about the partner we truly open up to?

Beautiful poem, and I thank you.

fallen angel said...

your art is always so ON POINT!!!

Kai C. said... are you?

Ananda said...


DeLi said...


Rethabile said...

Hits the spot, Sister love. As it is supposed to.

Writer on Board said...
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Writer on Board said...

Ah, yes, we are still young...nice...

Stephen Bess said...

Very nice!

L.T. Rashard said...

The artwork and poems are beautiful.

L.T. Rashard

Lyrically speaking said...

Miss Purl: Thank you

Blu Jewel: Thanks

Aminah: Well you know the inspiration behind this piece :)

GetZapped: Thanks, if only we can truly find the kind of partner we can open up to

Fallen Angel: Thank you for the love

Miss Kai: I am doing lovely, I love seeing you here

Ananda: Thank you

Deli: Thanks

Rethabile: Merci beaucoup

WriterOnBoard: Yes, we are still young :) and still learning

Stephen Bess: Thanks, miss your visits here

Rashard: Thank you, wow, first-timer here I see, come again