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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What is there to tell?
The soundtrack to her life is invaluable
An amplifier full of misadventures
She comes home alone
Once 15 years ago she carried daisies down the aisle
Watched how her sister’s left finger grew with a platinum ring
There was no envy
Only hope that one day love will carry her over unexpected places
She waits for him by the phone
Thirsty for this desire always scribbling in her heart
Interprets this character as exclusive
She caught her sister’s bouquet
Ran with it
Critics point at her failures
Why is the bachelor to blame?
She’s the one with the issues
At 37 she should have it all
Her lyrical details are sketchy
She rejects love at first sight
Tells her friends it doesn’t exist
Or if it does
It has passed her by
Slapped her with wrinkles
© 11/07 by Cathy Delaleu


My sister and I didn’t set out to be emotional wrecks
Father where were you?
Central Park was lifeless
The coldest winter was when you left in July
Little feet grew quickly
Your eldest fascinates strangers with words and art
Her dreams too marvelous and complex
Father where were you?
Love is an organism full of life
Yet your daughter is unable to speak or even process your memoir
She swallows air without guidance
Adjourns to a café across the street
Write her little head off until it makes perfect sense
Until her fingers grow numb with intermission
The journals are a centerpiece for mommy to admire
See her daughter has written a book
Mommy flaunts it to friends
If she only knew the contents
How each page bleeds work in progress
Punctures the cervix each time your name is mentioned
Do you know why the divorce rate has risen?
You weren’t my first love
Not the first to say I’m beautiful
Not the one to walk me down the aisle
Or take me to my first dance
Seven years later divorce has given me a one-sentence summary
A map is used to free me from isolation
My daughter has her daddy to look up to
A success story with a perfect ending
© 11/07 by C. Delaleu

It was difficult growing up without a father. Being in my 30’s, he has reappeared in my life and tries to play catch-up which to me is hilarious. I’m too old now to do most stuff daughters get to do with their dad but I do have a much better understanding as to why I am the way I am when it comes to relationships. I have passed the “bitter” phase with him and have accommodated our relationship as “friends”. That’s all I can offer him.

Please take a moment to read Aminah Love's reply (To My Lyrical Sista/dated 11/2/07)based on my "10/23/07 To a Girlfriend" poem.

artwork "Jolie Flowergirl" by Cathy Delaleu


DeLi said...

so deep,
and touching

Blu Jewel said...

These were both emotionally charged and heart-wrenching poems. I'm especially moved by the one about your father because I've had a strained releationship with both my biological and stepfather.

So many men under estimate their role in their daughter's lives and then try to compensate for it when their daughters are older. For the most part, it's too late by then.

Thank you for sharing your deep feelings...they kind of helped put things into perspective a little more for me.

Lyrically speaking said...

Deli: Thank you

Blu Jewel: I believe many women here will relate to how I does affect us in our adulthood, the absence of a father figure and when it comes to relationships it's always a challenge


I am truly touched by your words. Both truly stood out to me. In both cases your father's presence was missing.

I can truly understand what you have felt, and continue to feel. Our father's are the first male figure in our world as little girls. They are the first we fall in love, seek protection from, etc. When we as women initially do not have that in our early lives, our choices in the other sex suffers.

We second guess ourselves, to a degree. The older we become we realize that its okay, but the scars will remain. The affects of the blow was strong. Hopefully, we're able to enjoy a true relationship, not only with ourselves, but with others as well.

You will be okay.... I believe in your spirit.

Lyrically speaking said...

Aminah Love: Thank you, you're right the scars will never leave us and it's up to us to heal our spirit with the love we deserve

Writer on Board said...

Nice, Cathy. Very nice. Touched. Me too. As usual.

Rethabile said...

Great images, as usual (she carried daisies down the aisle), sound, colour. Nice to be here.

get zapped said...

Your poems carry me along through the years, tears and memories. I "met" my father when I was 20, and it was strange, however, he has now passed and I am fortunate we had our time together. We all have our time of "awakening", it's a matter of being open.


Ali's Zay said...

[Sigh] Beautiful. And so much more meaningful after having met you.

I missed you too. Padone'm cheri. Ou toujou nan panse'm. M pa jam bliye'ou.


Ty said...

Love ya gurl.

As always, I look foward to my Friday poem break.

Kai C. said...

wow, they are all beautiful!
especially about the father.

mermaid said...

Maybe the flower girl is still learning how to create that flower from within?

I love the honesty.

Lyrically speaking said...

WriteronBoard: Thank you for the support

Sir Rethabile: Merci beaucoup

GetZapped:Thank you, sorry to hear about your father, i'm sure the memories are precious and will always remain dear to your heart

Xavier: A pleasant surprise :) come back again

Miss Kai: Always a pleasure, much love

Ty: Love you too, miss ya ;)

Mermaid: That's a wonderful thought, she's still learning about herself

Olamild said...


fallen angel said...

i swear, the stuff you said at the end about your father is exactly what i have said and feel! you gotta love the "reappearing act," maybe terry mcmillan got it wrong...

Fabrizio said...

Ciao Cath.
I'm still thinking that your paintings vectorialized in something like Flash drawings would look really cool!

You have an interesting style.


Usual greetings from Italy


paris parfait said...

Such beautiful, poignant poems. My own daughter has no contact with her bio father, so I understand much of what you've endured and are going through now. It is tough being a daughter without a father - or a daughter with an absent father, even if the father is there, but doesn't know how to communicate. xo

iamnasra said...

Amazing poem ...Thank for sharing you in here..its hard to let go

Lyrically speaking said...

Olamild: Thanks for the visit

Fabrizio: Thank you, never heard of flash drawing, i'll have to check it out online

Fallen Angel: Thank you, I have Terry's movie "Disappearing Act" one of my favorites, with him reappearing it's not bad at all just a little strange

Miss Parfait: Thank you for understanding...

Iamnasra: You are right, it is takes time

AM Morgan said...

I love the artwork and the poetry on your blog. "To my father" was a very emotional piece and it showed just how much you went through in the absence of your father. Despite his absence it is good to hear you are willing to offer your friendship. Peace and Love.