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Monday, November 05, 2007


This is one of those nights where I wish someone was here to cook me dinner or better yet have one of my sister's delicious meals. The pic below says it all, no need for details but I wanted to share. Back in September while I stayed at my sister's, she was cooking almost every day. She's one of those talented ones who love to cook, whips up a meal with scraps and leftovers. She's that good. Me, on the other hand I follow some rules but have my own Delaleu flavor. In food, I love color and fire, meaning give me a BANG! of chilli powder and another BANG! of cayenne pepper. My sister cooked me this dish (shown above), ummmmmmmmm, baked catfish, string beans, potatoes, spinach and carrots. Before chowing down and giving her my thank-you hug, I snapped a picture of it and took it out on the patio where I sat down with nature and gave thanks.

Believe me when I was done with the plate, I was ready to lounge sideways on my chair and doze I think I did, but then thirty minutes later, I was searching for something sweet :)
sweets, sweets, where are thou?

This here is my latest creation, I call it "Organic Soul". It's acrylic, a little pastel and tissue paper on the bottom to give it this thick, blue ocean effect.


Blu Jewel said...

that food looks sooooo good. i love to cook also and go into the kitchen and throws down just like your sister.

love the vibrancy of your newest piece.

ps...i haven't forgotten, just have been hella busy.

Lyrically speaking said...

Thanks Blu...I also enjoy cooking but been too busy to do so. Contact me whenever you get a chance

Olamild said...

nice work of art


Girl I'm hungry! Can I have some of that food? I love the art, always so inspiring. Don't forget to direct everyone to the poem I wrote to you.

Loving you my Lyrical sista.

fallen angel said...

both the food and pic spark my interest! the food because it seems like i STAY hungry and the picture because i am STAY in awe of your amazingly awesome talent!

get zapped said...

Your blog is always a delight for the senses - could I actually smell the catfish? yummmm- and I adore your painting- your lovely use of negative space -and her hair!

Stephen Bess said...

The dish looks dish-licious and the painting is cool. I love the pine braids. :)

Nique said...

I agree with the lovely miss blue, that food looks great. thanks for sharing this with us.

Deb said...

i am so not a chef but do love to eat - looks wonderful. :)

Kai C. said...

why are you making me hungry?

PrettyBlack said...

wow you are amazingly talented. The pictures are beautiful. And the food ain't bad lookin' either!

eatme_delicious said...

Yum that food looks good! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. :)

PennyLane said...

I love the picture of a woman..
So artistic..

Fabrizio said...

Ciao Cathy!
Great choice of color, in the plate and in the painting!


Sojourner G said...

Feel you with the food hun. I like it like my writing: spicy, full of depth and made from what's laying around.

Don said...

I second the food looking good. And here I am sitting here eating a damn Subway sandwich for lunch.

Nice work of art as well.

Lyrically speaking said...

Olamild: Thank you for the visit

Aminah Love: Thank you, sure you can some left-overs, lol

Fallen Angel: Thanks

GetZapped: I can also still smell the catfish, it's not even lunch yet

Stephen: Thank you for appreciating

Nique: You're welcomed

Miss Kai: I couldn't help it, had to tempt you all

Prettyblack: thank you for your kind words, very sweet of you, come again

Eatme delicious: Thanks for the visit and for appreciating my menu of poetry and food

Lyrically speaking said...

Pennylane: Thank you, stop by again

Fabrizio: You need to share with us some Italian dishes, i'm sure you have some

Sojourner: Thank you, love stopping by your world

Don: Thank you, coming from you it means a lot. You're right, Subway can't compare to catfish :)