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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello all!!

It's been a wonderful, steamy summer so far
Can't stop counting the many blessings
Just got back from my busy NY trip where I held
my poetry/art show in Manhattan on 6/21/09
It was the 2nd annual Tavern of Creativity
It turned out to be very uplifting with the 9 poets
who read their work and the 3 artists who got to promote
their beautiful, unique art
Already, I am planning for next year's event
I want to thank all those who showed support and
those blogger friends I got to meet for the first time
More pics will be posted soon

BOAT PEOPLE - English as a second language
We are all on the same boat
The same one that cradled us far far away
from our native country
On that shriveled boat we see our land
Slowly disappears out of sight
Scent of earth and seashells evaporates
We dip fingers in the cold sea water
To bring back memories shed from our flesh
As we make it to shore
Our womb screams for home
The unfamiliar swallows our feet in the sand
Cruel destiny proposed by this foreign land
This foreign language
It is not home
It will never be home
It can never be home
No orange sun in sight to kiss the mountains at night
No smell of coffee beans or fresh patties in the morning
No rooster crowing
No children in school uniforms with their bright smiles
No church bells ringing our joy on Sundays
No seduction of acoustic guitars and drums
To swing our hips until the wee hours
In this foreign land we are too old to enjoy life
Too cold for sweet kisses on the cheek
Too vulnerable to protect the young generation
We are all on that same boat
Cradling with our dreams of a better Haiti
We cradle until there’s no life left in us
Waiting for answers
We shall rise
Only if our dreams allow it
©2009 by Cathy Delaleu


Papillon said...

You're truly gifted. Thank you for visiting my long-neglected blog. I look forward to reading (and seeing) your creative work here when I have more time to give it the attention it deserves. Cheers!

Mama Shujaa said...

Congratulations on your book! Wonderful pieces you share here. I am so glad we have met.

Lyrically speaking said...

Papillon: Thanks for stopping by, your page is surely inspiring,don't stop blogging

Mama Shujaa: Your blog keeps me going among other talented bloggers out there, thanks for the visit

Cinnamon said...

Believe in your dreams..

Your poem is beautifully phrased. I feel the longing for 'home'.

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and allowing me to find yours. You know that I enjoy reading poetry, and hearing poetry performed, so I will be visiting here often.

Ty said...

I enjoyed myself at the Tavern of Creativity. Wonderful vibe, great poets and most of all... you. Love ya

Blu Jewel said...

WOW! That photo touched me in an unusual way. I suddenly felt a little homesick for the life I might have had if I'd stayed in London. Or the life I might have had if I'd chosen a different path. The supporting poem equally touched me and I was reminded of why I love your works so much. You always manage to get to the core with such ease and eloquence.

love to live; live to love!

Lyrically speaking said...

Cinnamon: Thank you and I'll be back at your blog for sure

Ty: yes, it was a great event, unforgettable

Blu Jewel: Thank you, so I took you back home, that was intentional

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Hey! I love both pictures. What camera did u use to capture it?

Lyrically speaking said...

Thanks for stopping by, I didn't take the picture myself,this was from another website

Maxine said...

Hi Cathy. I've been away for too long, but I see things are happening for you! Congrats on your reading and art show. If only I were a pilot...

Anonymous Poet said...

Hi. You stopped by my site a long time ago and left a nice comment on "Beer." Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I am posting again.

Congrats on the NY trip. Is there a link, website, other record of your show?? Or, are you still getting around to posting pics?

Hope to see you at my site some time, when you get a chance!

: )

Michael O'Connell said...

congrats on the success of your show… it's so nice to see you mix your words and art… all wonderful…

amazing photo for "Boat People" is it yours?

The Old Silly said...

Hey I was just in Manhattan too. Hope you had a smashing good successful show. That photo is captivating!

Marvin D Wilson

Kai C. said...


Lyrically speaking said...

Maxine: Thank you, it's been crazy busy but i'm loving it

Anonymous Poet: Glat I stopped by and I will do so again for some inspiration

Michael: Thank you, actually, Boat People is not mine, took it online

Marvin: Where have you been? will need to chat soon

Kai: Thanks for the love

兩津 said...


The Old Silly said...

Cathy - I'm still here - I thought you knew the Google Nazis zapped all my old blogs. I have a new Wordpress blog up & roaring now at

Stop by & shout me a holla!

Marvin D Wilson

Lyrically speaking said...

Marvin: Sorry to hear that, but i'm sure the new blog will be hotter and better than the old one

Cynthia said...

Cathy, this poem is spiritual
and full of understanding compassion. I feel you are blessed
with bibical compassion which
you elagantly translate to words.