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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back To Reality

Hello Bloggers and Bloggetts,

Yes, I am back but not fully awake. I am still trying to catch up with time and can't seem to get back into work gear even with my writing. I feel like my brain stutters when I try to write something down. Weird, huh? I need to flex my muscles and kick off this writers' block. That's what I hate the most about vacations, you take them then there's the side effects of aging when you go back to reality. I need to stop spinning around in my tu tu pretending to be relaxed, since I got back i've been really tensed not wanting to face my 9-5 schedule or better yet 5:30a.m til 5pm. Yes, I wake up way too early.

First off there is no need for me to be moody not when I was greeted by a beautiful apartment all painted when I made it home and my kitchen is now a tangy orange color which put a smile on my face. I unpacked everything, finally, after two months of feeling homeless. I will get some pictures posted soon for you all to see my progress. Thank God Mr. Painter is out the way, my landlord told me he won't be coming back and that he is completely done with my place. I felt like he was an unwanted roommate I had to face all the time in my apartment. He took forever to finish the walls as if he didn't want to leave.

As for my Cali vacation, let's just say I ate a little too much and didn't sleep enough. I rented a car as soon as I got to Burbank Airport and did a lot of driving. I don't miss driving, i've been spoiled with the NY trains and buses. I had a great time with family and friends. I made it to L.A. Zoo without getting lost and visiting the Aquarium in Long Beach was fun, most of all shopping for my new apartment got me too excited. One store I particularly fell in love with was Wes Elm in Santa Monica and I lost my mind at Pier1 and Crate & Barrel. We do have those stores in NY but it seems more thrilling and adventurous when you're away from home.

By the time I packed my suitcase to leave, it was too stuffed so I had to ship a box to NY with all the extra stuff I bought. Everything got so expensive in Cali and too trendy, well the food of course wasn't costly but shopping for clothes, shoes or houseware items was an excursion. I got to eat at all the spots I had listed except for Tony I'm dieing for some ribs, lol. Oh well.

I had my first housewarming last Sunday in my new apartment, it turned out great and my guests were impressed with the menu and the place. I did cook a little too much food but overall everyone was well-fed from chicken wings to turkey meatball, mac n' cheese, well the list goes on and on. I can't wait to have my next housewarming in September, I plan to have one at least once a month then take a break in November and December. I love to entertain friends and family, life is too short to sit and mop...and I figured it was the best solution to my vacation blues.

I am back in poetry mode so here's one hot off the press:

His footsteps play like keyboards on the tiles
As he approaches the bed
I keep my eyes closed
Pretending to be asleep
His cologne is a caress of great versatility
Sexing my mental agility
His casual gesture is one finger which travels lazily
Down the center of my back and the warmness of his touch
Christens my buttocks and lower lips tick tocks a moon rise
Yet I remain still on my belly
Loving the way he cautiously disentangles romance
Motivating my senses while he lingers an alert on my spine
“We’re going on a field trip,” he whispers in my ear
I turn around slowly
His gray eyes paralyze the air
And Mother Earth know this encounter too well
His tongue spins around inside me like a ceiling fan
Awakening a preview outside the windows
Under the midnight skies special attention is paid to the fall season
creamsicle hues profess the wonderfulness of changed weather
it makes sense to confess joy with bits of moans
©8/2006 C. Delaleu

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ready for Californication

Hello Blog family,

I will be skipping my Dear Diary periodical this Friday, 8/11 and resume when I get back from my vacation...I'll be heading to sunny California back to my old roots. Being a Cali girl most of my life it's been interesting with my huge transition to NYC. Being here 5 years, wow, time sure flies, and mentally I feel I am a New Yorker. I no longer have the bougie attitude I had when I first moved to the eastcoast. I remember how I couldn't stand the trains, the smelly streets and the crowd of people to me looked like criminals or maybe I looked strange to

I'm going for some well-deserved vacation to Californication, my fornication will be food and shopping, that's it and I can't wait. I'll be there for 12 days spending time with friends and family. I know some will comment on how I gained a little weight and oh yeah say something about my hair color which is more like a honey blond. I gave up on trying to lose weight before my trip, so i'll be splurging on all the restaurants I missed over there and when I return home i'll go back to my healthing eating. For example I can't wait to eat at Tony Romas, if you've never heard of it, it's a restaurant that specializes on great ribs. Just thinking about it now makes my mouth water, you can check out their menu (, i'll be ordering the St. Louis Rib Sampler which consist of a dozen St. Louis Ribs in four flavors: Original, Carolina Honeys™, Blue Ridge Smokies™ and Tony Roma’s Red Hots, it is to die for.

Another favorite eating spot is In-N-Out Burger ( , the place is really addicting especially their fries which are cut, peeled and cooked in 100% cholesterol-free oil and you can't have the meal without their delicious shakes which are made from real ice cream which is why they are so thick and creamy. Am I hungry or what? Lol... ok one last spot I must say i'll check out as far as splurging like a pig is the Cheesecake Factory. I go there each and every time I visit California. I usually order the avocado eggroll instead of a salad, to me their salads are too much enough to feed Somalia. I eat my six eggrolls then treat myself to a nice slice of cheesecake. Cheesecake Factory has a dozen or so cheesecakes, it's really hard to pick one, and the last time I ordered an Oreo Cheesecake it was way too sweet but then I tasted my girlfriend's Kahlua Cheesecake and that was it for me. I will definetly order myself a Kahlua Cheesecake. Take the time to browse at their menu in advance if you do plan on visiting California in the future ( believe me, you won't be disappointed. Another spot (I know...I know) but it's great when it comes to Mexican food is El Torito's. Fine...i'll stop right there with the food and head straight to the beach where I will be walking off my extra calories. I'll be strolling Venice Beach and of course Malibu where I love to sit on top of the rocks and look out at the ocean andsunset. It does get cool and windy over there but i'll bring myself a sweater.
The first thing I do when I get to Cali is rent my car and go straight to Wholefoods, I'll be staying with my aunt who is not a healthy eater and she cooks a lot of beef which I stay away from. That's why it's best for me to stop at the market first to get what I need for the week and then I can unpack my things and relax. Well, I think i'll be enjoying this vacation and come back with a sunny tan and sunnier smile.

I'll bring back some more poems for your viewing pleasure and keep you inform if I do meet Mr. Right. I have a girlfriend over there who is trying to set me up, me being so picky I am not holding my breath. By the way, I read one of my poems last night (Kinky Roots and Rapture) at a spot I visit often on Mondays (, it wasn't my first time so I did ok. It was great feeling the support of family and friends who showed up.

We had a CD vendor today who stopped by at my job, I bought two CD's not at all planned but I couldn't help it. I purchased Andrea Bocelli's (Romanza) and Etta James (Love Songs). I fell in love/lust with Andrea's voice when I was flipping channels and saw the commercial for his Romanza cd. I've always been a fan of the opera world, having my Pavarotti collection in hand and 1 cd by Sarah to have Andrea's cd for $10 bucks you can't beat the price.
As for Etta James, she's been a favorite since I first heard the song At Last in a movie which gave me chills all over and then when I found out she's the legendary songstress who sang My Funny Valentine, I was hooked. I think my purchases were worth every dollar and they will keep me relaxed on the 5+ hour flight to Californication :)

I will miss you all...believe me, my fingers will be itching.

P.s. If you are looking for some inspiration while i'm gone stop by my website: (feel free to roam around the G-spot and sign my guestbook)


I am a little nervous taking you there but I know the magical potency of this vast strawberry field
You seem relax, we talk and laugh casually
You don’t realize how the strawberries are sugaring our conversation and minds

We talk some more, picking and eating heart-shaped strawberries
Your words pleasantly warm
I’m not good at beating around the bush so I tell you how I feel
I crave to kiss you for it is the highest form of intimate delicacy

The art of k-i-s-s-i-n-g is my signature and my long flight of stairs covered in rose petals
I desire to touch your sexy lips with gentle fingers
To peck, smooch, brush my chocolate lips on yours
Fluently nibble, suck and lick
Drugging kisses to sing through your veins
Then I want to plunge my tongue in your mouth
devour and explore your inner core

You interrupt my elocution by surprising me
Offering me your thick and moist tongue
Kissing my mouth smudged in strawberries
Your lips feverishly sweet…and I tingle with my head spinning
Divine ecstasy as I linger, savoring this intensity
And gently you ease me down onto the bed of gratification
Our prerequisite an evolution of orgasmic chocolate
and strawberry kissing confection
© 8/06 by C. Delaleu

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Her eyes are fertile and spells relief
The air does something to her
She becomes color blind with craving
Lips nibbling the jealous sunset
On a porch she stands in a flowing teddy
Awaiting his shadow
He swirls quietly behind her
His long fingers contribute moisture
Her famished clit throbs a diagnosis
And the summer’s heat slightly shudders
Coughing up slushy skies in playful positions
She leans her heart on his terrace
And the licorice sun shower is a transitional scene
Smooching her senses between the banda rhythm
Of her left handed heart
Her joy is plastered on yellow peeled walls

©2006 by Cathy Delaleu