Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Friday, November 05, 2010

Bruised Addiction

Shadow carved by swollen fingers
There must be a reason why his arrogance is a steady blade
A punctured wound to the spine
His dramas are memorized sweetly
Dents in my jaw line
I have rear-ended my heart to him
The perfect cartilage of a man
In my bruised eyes
He can do no wrong
No matter how hurtful
His words hold me hostage

I claim he is my cosmic warrior
Skips and hops all over my field of dreams
Traditional with the profanity of his lips

Yet I see divinity
I see longevity
I see dignity
I don’t look in the mirror
Afraid to view the lies
To feel the stings
The cuts from this King
My King

By the end of the day
We are “one”
I will come up with a name
Suitable to place on his bumper sticker
Maybe written “athletic hero” or “King Mufasa”
His blistering heat leaves me with serious sunburns
He was taught the way to a woman’s heart is with the use of his fist
I changed my status to “abused female”
My silent cry to family and friends
Afraid to let his own mother know
My funeral has come and gone
Her son is a serial killer
I’m his daily cold case
He wraps around my throat emotionally
Leaving me for dead
With controversial kisses
As angry as a powerful storm tonguing me to the ground
He wants me to remain there
With all his debris
Waxed on my flesh
Repeatedly with symptoms
Addicted to the way
He loves me
He loves me
He loves me
© 2010 by Cathy Delaleu