Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Thursday, July 26, 2007

He comes undone
Fully naked with tinted muscles
Lips drip lustful lyrics
I watch
Hungry to strangle him to death
Until his nightmares become orgasmic lullabies
A buttered smile caresses my thighs
I act surprise
Submitting to this copy of erotic poetry
He gives me his fingers to play with
I dip them in rum punch
His flesh tastes like peach
We light a candle under a blue tent made of coconut shells
Racing time with our ageless kiss
I tell him I want to love you like Harlem love Manhattan
Love like pregnant rain in the spring
With a flooded vagina spilling over the Brooklyn Bridge
Shut down traffic while my screams fly us to Greece
Where a blue moon licks warm waters
Love like slow dance and cheesecake
Love like pen and paper in acrylic colors on canvas
Like breakfast with a half-closed sun
Like moon under silk sheets
Glow like your star
Electrify senses...
Your senses like nightlight
You come fully naked
And I submit
To your guideline
©2007 Cathy Delaleu
Art by T&C Artwork

Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I suspect you will weep
Maybe you are meant to battle
With your senses
Even with achy joints
You find a way to speak to me
Through your pores
The scent of earth and basil
Sends me running to you
Mind tags along
Clings to your shirt
Begging for one last dance

The love letter you never received
is tucked between my breasts
Specially packaged with my heart
Throat is tied with your memories
Lingers with sadness
Everything is as you left it
Ruffled sheets
Squeezed toothpaste
Wet towel
Wet eyes
Dry lips
Can I bring back the dawn with your kisses?
You were easy to paint
Fingers on honey brown skin
The texture as if you never left

Painting by Cathy Delaleu
“In A Sentimental Mood”


I'll be at the Harlem Book Fair this Saturday, 7/21/07, selling my books and paintings, the fair is free to the public. If you're not able to attend, feel free to browse at my other blog "Paint Out Loud", all prices include shipping and handling.

The Harlem Art and Book Fair is being held on 135th Street between 5th and 7th Avenues from 11am-6pm. I'm sharing a booth with my sister who will be selling greeting cards, magnets and dolls.

Stop by to say would be nice to finally meet some of my blogger friends.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Enjoy the fireworks!!!

Exfoliate dead skin
Warm water showers me and I inhale the scent of cinnamon gel
A monogamous fragrant speech penetrating my flesh
I hum a tune
Then you, my sexy masculine lover join me
My solar energy
My Nobel Prize
With thick hands you caress thighs and squeeze my behind
Skin against skin, a nuptial invitation which makes me grin
You rub my shoulders and neck
Muscles then relaxes and I moan
Breathing elevates to a social gathering in my heart
Streams of water studiously follow your intention to this journey that you seek
You flatter my back with soap and washcloth
I do the same with rubbing affection on your brown skin
I travel intently down to your central location that causes instant heat
Steam of sweet arousal spirals the air and you let out a groan
Face to face we are baptized in this liquid analogy with supple hungry lips
I tongue
You nibble
I’m swelling
You’re growing
Hard is your Mars against my soft Venus
Your pulsation is my salvation
Deliberately you come inside ruling over my orbit
Causing an astronomical disturbance
Massive water spills over our planets
While Mars passionately communicates to Venus this intense meteor shower
© by Cathy Delaleu (2006)

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