Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to my world of art, poetry and culture...I've been missing in action with many projects going on, plus I just got back from sunny California. I had a great time with my little girl who is now 10, she's growing way too fast and i'm trying to catch up.

She's also a writer and loves to draw...the weather was in the 80's with some Santa Ana winds, regardless, we had a wonderful time with shopping, movies and nature.

I will get back to you all soon regarding the winners of the poetry contest. Hope all is well and keep the creative juices flowing. Have a good weekend.

He was the clock who held me somewhere between 9 and 12
Between lust, love and the bottomless pit of hope
Between public parks we held on to monkey bars
Daiquiri became pricey on stoned stairs where we practiced congress
He had a bird eye’s view of climax
Slugging down soccer nets with honey
Sweet and sticky
Erotic fury spelled my femininity
My WO-manity magnified by this virgin pathology
When sound of mind and body exercised a routine on his trampoline
Third degree burn
I yearned to be heard
To earn his respect
Unruliness he provided poetically
Improvising a Wu-Tang sensuality of words
He tickled me orally
Religiously without mercy
I swallowed his air between brownstones and palm trees
Saw his rainfall like a refresher course
Saluting me with verses like gold-trimmed sweat
Loveslap passages with Caribbean sea pillows and sheets
Devoting my lungs with volume of heat
A running train with his mud in my mouth
Begging for another revolution of his Haitian dot net
His residue grants me serenity
I once swallowed his flame
And…I failed
At the opportunity
To express the many possibilities
My drug of choice now dances around my ankle
©2009 by Cathy Delaleu