Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Love is the tip of his tongue
She knows he holds no truth to his words
Eyes disconnected from his heart
Swears he has seen the light
Thanks to her see-through dress
He sniffs her locs like vodka
Enchanted by her biography
Her footsteps causes thunder
Thunder turns to lighting
Lightning turns to lust
She gets on both knees
Eats his dark earth
Swallows his cum
Closes her eyes
Prays he is the one who will hold them together
She can finally paste her dreams in magazines
Sing this new tune dedicated to men
For this is their world
She waits with patience
When the pressure diminish between her thighs
She prays for more tenderness
Shivers his name like raindrops on martini glasses
He sips her slowly
Takes his time to leave no promises behind
Swims inside her without fingerprints
Pretends not to notice her hopeless lullaby
©2008 by Cathy Delaleu
art by April Mansilla "Please don't leave me"

Today, my brushes are clean, without a hint of color and i'm not sure about tomorrow. I haven't been inspired to paint lately, a lot has been going on with me medically and i'm struggling to stay positive with all the ups and downs i'm experiencing. Writing helps a lot, i'm juggling both art and words, they mesh well especially when you have a lot on your mind.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Friday to all...there are numerous reasons I am grateful today to be here and say it's a blessed day. For example:

1. I woke up with the sun on my eyes

2. The weather is as sweet as strawberry jam and I can't complain

3. I've rediscovered my love for painting and writing

4. Going for a short walk this morning made the heart content

5. Taking pictures of nature, now that's fascinating

My latest paintings here posted are small but precious,it's always fun to use acrylic. I'm now working on some other ones. Now, must tell you about the sssssweeet weather here in AZ. I feel so spoiled and I'm thinking why didn't I make the move sooner.
The plant below is aloe vera, can you believe it? My mom has it all over her backyard and i've used it on my face and it's great, she also has others like a lemon trees with juicy lemons you can use for cooking and mint leaves. I've had the pleasure of boiling the mint leaves and drinking the tea, it relaxes the whole body. There's nothing like organically grown plants instead of store-bought tea bags, you can tell the difference. Life here is a little more layback, not at all the rush and stress i've experienced in NY. I believe 8 years was more than enough. The huge change in my life has occurred and although it was scary I made it with much faith, love and support from family and friends. I am still at the healing process, taking baby steps and not rushing over anything, that's how life should be for most of us in order to say "I've done it all, thank you".

You want me to pray with my ten toes
wrapped around my hands
I can't make any promises
Observe this body as a temple
Serenity is all I crave
all that's left in this flesh
I've added you as substance
A promotional upgrade
I hope you will keep me grounded
No failure or negativity at the table
Be gentle with me
Be gentle with my soul
©2008 Cathy Delaleu

Thursday, October 09, 2008

"I have come to comprehend the aura of longevity
See how it flows
this true meaning of life
the purpose of our presence
We are meant to expose our emotions openly
in a jar of organs
Fill it up with tea leaves, herbs and spices
Sit still
Relax mind, heart and soul
Accept with certitude this brief control of life
This concept we view as convenience
is unpredictable
without warning we may kiss darkness
with our feet
Enjoy the now
Enjoy what is offered to us
as blessing"

2008byCathy Delaleu
art by Faiza/art profile

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Thought of the day

"She looks beyond the horizon
Sees a future predicted for her
Accepts her fate with fear
A blessing in disguise
It makes her wonder
She has conquered
Yes...she has"

Hello Blog World

Yep, it's no other than Delaleu. In case many were not aware, my last blog was in May 2008. I had a stroke in May and had to move to Ohio to live with my sister and now moved to AZ to live with my Mom. I'm doing much better and want to thank all of you who kept me in your prayers. I've been living here 2 months now but haven't done much but going to all these doctor appointments and taking loads of medications for my lupus. It has been a great challenge at the same time maybe just maybe I should see it as a blessing cause NY was too stressful for my illness. I am taking it one day at a time and trying to get inspired again to write and to paint which I haven't done since May. Please keep me in your prayers and do come back for more poetry.