Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Why am I still hungry?My belly utters your name in a desperate manner
Your ceremonial kiss leaves me breathless
I want us to pick up where you left off
Wax your heat on my starved lips
Motivate my being with inclination
You are to me the purest gratification
(c) by C. Delaleu 9/2006

Do you believe lust can easily turn into obsession? What if he/she is good enough to have sex with but not enough to be in a relationship with? If you do express your lust to someone of the opposite sex and it naturally leads to the purest gratification, do you consider yourself in a relationship with that person? That is why I feel verbal communication is crucial, letting them know what to expect and what not to expect for there is always one person feeling more than the other and the obvious happens "disappointment".

Monday, September 11, 2006


Guess what?
I don’t want you to like me
Gain knowledge and control your emotions
Cleopatra handed me her power
Under a sexy petticoat of limbs
You envy what I offer to your men
The art of fantasy manifested with flare
You may call it lust
A greeting card of horseback riding
With tulips growing with purpose
But your jealousy turns green
When he grows long and hard
Well, I do have that ability to grope their mind
Digging my hands under his pants
Call it like it is
I am a Jezebel who aims to please
A Nefertiti with royal fingers
I rub his balls until they turn blue
Why the frigid stares?
I study critically the beauty of his shrieks
While my tongue kiss him at the tip
He sees God with eyes wide open
Gives him thanks for this spiritual vision
And yet you can’t stand his expression
He seems comatose
You fidget in your seat
Face flushing
You want me to stop
Stop sucking his presence of mind
Stop the suction that leaves him beaming
But if I stop I will gag
© 9/2006 by C. Delaleu

In case you didn’t know
Women have the ability to woo the mind
Without physical contact
In my opinion erotic poetry is as good as sex
You don’t even need porn to feel
All you need is a visual of words
The choice of words should be enough to get him aroused
In your opinion, do you think erotic poetry is considered porn?
Do you feel it’s a bit too graphic?
Does it belong in the romance department or too trashy?