Lyrics, poetry and art all meshed together

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On bended knee Bocelli sings me Amore
While a plane lands on the highway
Cars speed us by blowing their congratulatory horns
His pleading words infuses a sadness
Mellow verses becomes philosophical
I am a frozen statue in a white organza
A mermaid with satin tears
The soft fabric flowing on my face gains public recognition
Paparazzi shouts out my name
I ignore the screams
The plane takes off in five minutes
I need to decide whether to board without his duet
Bocelli illustrates emotions throwing confetti rose petals
on my chapel length train
The 405 south consist of several traffic jams
“You won’t be back,” he yells
So I answer, “How deep is your devotion to me?”
He doesn’t reply
No point in telling him it’s too late
I march down the First Class aisle
Bouquet of black tulips kissing my hands
Amore is left standing
I watch from my window seat
the congested crowd follows him to Sicily
I get carried to another proposal
© 4/2007 by Cathy Delaleu
art by Gina Bernardini

It's that time again :)


* The beautiful weather offering a subtle, sweet breeze

* Passion that surrounds me daily, I wake up and I feel its energy in the air

* White Tea with ginger, my AM ritual helps to calm and relax

* New canvas received in the mail, more art work to create :)Yeah!!

* Arrangement of colorful flowers I received this morning from my boss, ahhhhhh, they smell heavenly

* Egg white, tomatoes with lil' bit of cheese

* E'mails from friends and phone calls to check how i'm doing

* the get-well package received in the mail today from my mom, she enclosed some wonderful tea bags and a French CD (Nana Mouskouri)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Gosh, today is only Wednesday? I feel this week is dragging like a snail, is that the case when you come back from vacation?

I have a lot to be grateful for but i'll only share what's most important for now:

* Mom who makes me feel her presence even if she's over 3000 miles away

* My brother calling me last night, wanting to spend the weekend to help around the house, how sweet!

* For the love of art, I'm learning more and more about the craft and loving every minute of it (my latest painting is proof I'm getting there)

* Orange salmon (pictured below), my favorite dish to make at home, the flavor is incredibly tasty. It goes great with whole wheat mac/cheese, brown rice and fried plantains, yummmmmy!!!

P.s. Paintings posted are for sale, feel free to email me for price

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hello Blogger family,

Miss you guys!

I was in sunny California and Arizona for a week so these are the pictures I've taken during my trip. I did get a chance to paint one canvas which is pic #1, I also got to help my mother make her delicious upside down cake, yummy, and she puts rum in it. My mother is pictured below with my 8 year old daughter, I know I don't talk much about my little girl. She is a handful of blessings and our trip was fabulous. Arizona is a bit slow with not much to do besides shopping and eating, lol. The pic with the palm trees is Woodland Hills area in California, the building is where I used to live with my mom, brother and sister back in my high school days. The Betty Boop pic I drew in my art class my senior year in high school, I completely forgot about this black art book which I had left at my mom's house, it bought back a lot of memories.

I do miss Cali sometimes, especially the food. I did get to indulge in my In n' Out Burger with their addicting vanilla milk shake and also El Pollo Loco, I love their wings. In a blink of an eye it was already time to head back to NY.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Come here
There is a riot going on
Within her vaginal orifice
Will you tame it for her?
If so, when?
Her palate is dry
12 noon grabs her
like an erotic trail in musky sheets
Looks like this is her new kind of sex

Where morning and night are spelled
Into a routine of horniness
Indulgence turns TV to reality
She becomes Miss New York
Minus the loudness
Without the ghettoness
Her pair of panties on his floor
Is his keepsake
“I could smell you,” he tells her on the phone
and morning sex screams scandal
as the sun beams through the windows
©4/2007 by Cathy Delaleu

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Besides painting, I did some cooking and yesterday I had to attend my writers' group meeting which was encouraging. I was feeling a bit blah with my latest manuscript but I did get a dose of motivation from the group and i'm ready to finish my work.

The poem below is a preview of what's in store...I want to pass along that I have given birth to another healthy blog (Girly Longings), she will be favored by many i'm sure due to it's erotic content. Please stop by and pay her a sweet visit. I don't plan on posting anything but erotic and sometimes explicit poetry and stories once a month in that blog so if you are ever in the mood for dress-down sexy, you can leave your footprints and make yourself at home. Let me know what you think...thanks for the support and enjoy.